Santaland Diaries & Arlo For The Holidays

With just five more shopping days until Christmas, I think it is entirely appropriate to re-introduce the world to the magic of Mr. David Sedaris and the Santaland Diaries. Read by the author, this classic of modern Christmas and commerce is streaming audio in Real Player format and a 128k stream. Next to a Thanksgiving Day listening to Arlo Guthrie’s Alice’s Restaurant, Sedaris’ Christmas tale is a must-listen holiday treat. Gather the family around the wireless and enjoy.

David Sedaris
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Bonus: Not an audio clip but the Scary Photos of Santa Gallery is a Hoot!

(If you are like me and think of Real Audio as part of the evil empire, download and install the free, simple and very, very effective Real Alternative classic media player - less memory, no fussing with the registry and unlike Real Audio, this little gem doesn't dial home and tell Time Warner what you are doing on line.>

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