Omar’s Listenin’

I watched season three’s penultimate episode of the Wire last night and was, as is always the case, blown away by the best written, most tightly directed and grippingly real television show on the air.
Most of my friends aren’t fans of the show and never give it a chance, which is a clear shame.
I once compared The Sopranos to Shakespeare, and to King Richard III in particular for its plot twists and ability to have real redeeming characters.
But the Wire? It is Faulknerian in its scope and its depth. The multi-dimensional characters, interacting in a multi-dimensional narrative played out in the all-too-real world of drug wars, organized crime and inner city police department bureacracy.
If you haven’t gotten on board, do so.
Keep an eye out for season one, now out on DVD. Season two and three will run off and on in reruns on HBO and HBO On Demand as well as a release of season two scheduled for this spring.
The Hollywood rumor mill is whispering that the show may not return next year, which would be a travesty as the emotion tied to these characters is heart wrenching.
I hope HBO sees the light and brings The Wire back for an other go ’round.