Friday Fives

1. What movie can you watch over and over without ever getting tired of?
I have a handle full of movie “rewatchables” Probably a three-way tie between “The Big Lebowski,” “Casablanca,” and “The Hunt for Red October.”

2. Replace a word in a movie title with “fuck”, what’s the movie about now?
“Pulp Fiction” is now “Pulp Fuck” and is a romp through the world of 1950s snuff porn.

3. Which minor character do you wish had their own spinoff?
Pheobe Buffay – kind of a less innocent Mary Tyler Moore – in fact, that would be even greater. Put Pheobe in a small midwestern town and watch as the townspeople react to her outrageous backstory.

4. What is the biggest movie plot-hole you have ever seen?
I think it was on “The Big Bang Theory” when someone explained to Sheldon Cooper that if Indiana Jones had never left his professor job at the university, the plot of the movie would have ended the same way and he had no real effect on any of the outcomes. That was a pretty great realization.

5. What movie made you most paranoid after watching it?
“Enemy of the State with Will Smith and Gene Hackman. Solid, paranoid “it could happen” thriller

2 Replies to “Friday Fives”

  1. 1) I finally got to a hold period with Deadpool. Does porn count, ’cause you can watch that over and over.

    2) Willy Wonka and the Fuck Factory…now that IS a porn I could watch over and over.

    3) Phoebe was a main character, Roy. But Gunther, now there’s a coffee shop I would watch weekly.

    4) Every Batman movie, ever. With absolutely no super healing power, he would be in a wheel chair many moons ago.

    5) Ben…I hear rats everywhere.

  2. 1) Shawshank Redemption. That’s just darn good cinema.

    2) Star Wars becomes Fuck Wars and is all about countries rulers having to fuck their way out if political situations. It’s a comedy.

    3) The two geeks in 16 candles that wore the jocks on their heads. I wanna peek into that twisted world.

    4) any evil doer that doesn’t know that kryptonite can make Superman useless.

    5) Citizen Four.

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