Cool Blog Finds

When Blogger added the next blog button at the top of the blogspot page, I wasn’t exactly enthused but have recently recanted and find myself loving this roulette wheel of blog dom (doom?) that is the [Next Blog] button.

Two recent finds from a spin of the ol’ wheel:

National November Bloggers Month A blog dedicated to writers participating in the National November Novel Writing Month and are publishing their novel online.

Query Letters by managerguy, a “Hollywood insider” who gets tons of badly written screenplay query letters and movie treatments a month and has taken the unselfish act to publish them online for all of us to share in the horror that is the Hollywood studio movie machine. There is some real gold here. (this was on Metafilter yesterday as well, but it wasn’t how I stumbled upon it. The inter-web is a small world after all.)

Now don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of crap to be found via the Next Blog button and apparently, Blogging is very popular in Argentina and who the hell knows what those kookie kids are talking about. But patient clicking of the button will turn up some gems, that is certain.