Friday Fives

1. What industry today will most likely be the next “boom”?
Self-driving electric cars. I loves me some robots. I have a robot vacuum cleaner and it has changed my life. Why not keep the party going and go to self-driving cars and other appliances.

2. What industry today will most likely be the next “bust”?
Commercial real estate and apartment rentals. Folks ain’t buying houses and overbuilding of apartment complexes won’t end well.

3. What is the next food trend?
Replace the gluten-free craze and go in the absolute opposite direction and go with nothing but gluten, all day long.

4. What the Hell has happened to Denver?
Seriously, I looked up a few months ago and this place is full – where are they coming from (all over), what are they doing (tech, restaurants, weed.) And the growth is pricing everyone out of the market. Denver, the hipsterville of the mountain west.

5. Without Googling what do you know about Cinco De Mayo?
It commemorates the winning of a battle against the French, is my recollection. And they won because they had fresh margaritas with chips and salsa.

One Reply to “Friday Fives”

  1. 1) Powdered alcohol drinks. Like those little packets of Crystal Light or Tea but booze oriented.

    2) Flying cars. While it sounds cool and Back to the Future made them seem awesome they will be dangerous and really suck for quite some time.

    3) there’s been low carb, low fat, gluten free, veagan, vegetarian, the next big thing is going to be raw meat. No not like sushi but raw chicken, raw beef and raw pork. It’s going to mess some people up real bad. Just wait you’ll see.

    4) I’m in a small “city” in north west Florida what the hell do I know of Denver. ????

    5) It is a calibration of the Mexican military repelling a scouting unit of the French at the battle of Puebla. They always fail to mention that it was a small scouting party and the French shortly after retuned from a different direction and routed the Mexican militia. So small battle won, war lost. Yay let’s drive up &a down a random street drunk and waving flags of the country we are so proud of that we chose to flee from it for better opportunities.

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