Friday Fives

1. Someone brings you a box full of everything you have ever lost, but you can only take three items. What do you take?
1. My class ring (It was lost somewhere in my mother’s car so many years ago)
2. My Army ID card. It was in a scrapbook and probably fell out during a move somewhere.)
3. My original GI Joe.

2. The last thing you purchased is now illegal to own. What is it?
Beer! For God’s sake people, don’t make it so.

3. What is the best accent and why?
British, and perhaps Cuban. Sultry all around.

4. You are thrown back in time 200 years, and need to prove the local authorities that you are highly educated. What do you do?

5. What is the best thing you have seen thrown out
Eric Kanter.

2 Replies to “Friday Fives”

  1. 1) Navy ring. My Pioneer Turntable. Childlike wonder.

    2) Fruit Smoothie, and I can live with it being illegal.

    3. A lovely Spanish accent.

    4. Talk about current products we take for granted, as if I was an amazing intellectual who had vision and would change the world.

    5. Baby with the bathwater.

  2. 1) The flexibility in my joints, my ability to recover quickly after a long night out, my friends that I have lost to early in life.

    2) A Subway salad, I’m not particularly bothered by that.

    3) Either Irish or Australian.

    4) Simple medicine. Antibiotics etc.

    5) Segregation.

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