Weekend In Review

A low key lifestyle. We scuttled the zoo plans on Saturday after a weekend long snow and cold fit that kept us locked up indoors. We went for some good old fashioned pub visiting on Saturday afternoon. The stalwart trio of Roy, Ed and Julie first ate a late breakfast at Pete’s Greek Town Cafe. Not nearly as greasy , but also not nearly as fresh and tasty as Pete’s other fine establishments. After a brunch and some beers we travelled over to The Bull and Bush over in historic and meteoric Glendale. A neat little tavern. Quiet, good service, good micro brewed beer and you don’t come out of the joint smelling like an ashtray. From there we journeyed over to Choppers in Cherry Creek. A nice bar and not as crowded as we expected for a late Saturday afternoon. A pizza and a few Denver Pale Ales and that folks wrapped up the Saturday hijinx. It is a nice little rhythm of late as the trio visits some new haunts and reconnects with some older ones during my favorite time of the day, mid-afternoon.
Sunday we attempted to save the breakfast affair from Saturday, eating a good, greasy-spoon inspired meal at Pete’s Gyros kitchen. A meal that met the expectations. From there, Julie and I took Ed to Sam’s Club. This was fun as Ed came into contact with a whole new element in the world – mass produced shoppers happy to buy by the gross. Ed’s final assessment. “Not bad prices, but they carry none of my brands.” That made me smile. Only our little minor celebrity would insist on Pellegrino at bulk shopping prices, or nothing at all.