Hip To Be An Anti-Francophile?

It is really getting out of hand. Are we so desperate a people that war is the absolute only answer to solving our problems. And those against us are to be condemned? Chastised? Embargoed like Cuba? Harper’s Week in Review recently reported “J. Dennis Hastert, the speaker of the House of Representatives, was considering legislation to ban French wine and bottled water ? for “health reasons,” he said. Hastert claimed that some French wine is clarified using cow blood.” It is getting ridiculous. I was going to write a huge diatribe on why focusing on France’s wishes for peace and not war is missing the whole point about what the U.N. is about. I was going to write a whole tantrum on the ability for this country to get behind the hatred of the enemy of the day – but the good folks at Democratic Underground have already done it and have done a deeper and more thoughtful job than I was doing. But please, can we stop the hate and work on something real.

I still need a job.