Let’s Begin

Okay, this is a sign of my mind. I was walking the dog this afternoon, like I do most every day – promptly at 4:10 or so. I checked the mail as part of that routine and received my bimonthly unemployment check – the hard gritty evidence that my plan “B” isn’t working.
Anyway. As I return home from walking the dog, I discover that aforementioned check is not in its assigned coat pocket.
AAAck. A minor panic.
I quickly deposited the dog and rushed outside to retrace my steps. There it was – right next to the dogs preferred. “poo” station. Ugh. It must have fallen out when I retrieved my doggy doo doo bag to scoop up the malicious mess.
That disaster was barely averted.
Nothing left to do today except deposit check, cook some dinner and settle down for some Buffy the Vampire Slayer action and a trip to Smallville.