Friday Fives

1. What is your laundry basket like?
Now, after a week’s worth of continuous laundry chores, the basket is nearly empty. Thanks Mom!

2. What in your life is threatening to go to hell in a handbasket?
My heart (that is a sick joke. After last week’s events, the heart is a mend.) Yesterday I hauled about 13 trash bags of books down to the thrift store – they are a go as well. Jettisoning cargo in the Spring cleaning spree.

3. What was the occasion for your receiving your last gift basket, and what was in it?
I haven’t received a gift basket in years.

4. When could you last have been described as a basket case?
After most very stressful days at work, while trying to juggle a myriad of tasks, responsibilities and assignments, I have been known to be a bit of a basket case.

5. How’s your bread basket?
Getting smaller every day. Two weeks on a low carb, low fat diet is starting to make a difference.

6 Replies to “Friday Fives”

  1. 1. Uh…if I had a laundry basket it would be full. As it is, I can’t find my bed.

    2. My relationship with my dogs. Given I don’t have sod down yet in my backyard, it looks like the Somme back there, and the dogs are too precious to venture forth and defecate. They’re also unwilling to crap while on a leash. Oy. Vay.

    3. Wow. When Emily was born, almost 14yrs ago. Onesies, phthalate-riddled rubber toys, and well, you know, other baby crap that was really of no use to me, personally. And she didn’t know what the hell was going on, either. I don’t think.

    4. See #2, above.

    5. Uh…I’d say it’s in a holding pattern, which pattern would aptly be described as tire-like (or tyre-like for you Anglophiles). I am working out, but carefully offsetting that with generous doses of beer carbs, assorted pastries, and chocolate. I believe in balance.

  2. 1) Always rotating with dirty clothes. WIth such a large household, it is a constant vortex of every-changing clothes.

    2) Other people’s opinion of me.

    3) Easter I suppose. Something my wife and I have exchanged even prior to the kiddos.

    4) Yesterday. THings at work are definitely out of my control.

    5) Needs to get smaller. Will get smaller sooner than later.

  3. 1)I have one for darks and one for lights and they are close to empty at this time.
    2)My sanity. The more I interact with people the more I like my XBox
    3)I can’t recall the last time I recieved a gift basket. I did recieve a gift satchel for Christmas.
    4)Every time I open my mouth.
    5)improving every day but not where I want it yet.

  4. 1. my laundry has made it close to the door. i’m not sure if that counts as progress or not.

    2. my leisure time. this “work” business keeps getting in the way. no bueno.

    3. i’ve made gift baskets for others in the last few years, but have not received one. so sad.

    4. now? it’s friday, rainy and i want to nap.

    5. my bread basket has recently gone from bread sticks to a hearty baguette. this, too, is no bueno.

  5. 1. Not too bad. I was on the road all week, so I wore dress clothes that go to the cleaners.

    2. I started a new job this week. I have no idea what I’m doing at my job, and I’m traveling 50% all of the sudden. So my work life balance has gone to hell in a hand basket.

    3. It was probably when I was last hospitalized. I received a gift basket with “get well soon” crap in it.

    4. At this moment?

    5. It’s made of stoneware and keeps rolls warm for hours.

  6. 1.) I don’t use my laundry basket for storing my dirty clothes. I use it for stacking dead babies. I just throw my clothes in the washing machine and let them wait until I’m reading to do the wash.

    2.) Well, not the dead babies ’cause they’re well stacked and cared for in the laundry basket. But I guess, if we’re talking figuratively, I guess you could say my entire life. The cops are going to catch up to me eventually, you know. You can only stack so many dead babies in a laundry basket for so long . . .

    3.) My birthday. And it was a basket of . . . dead babies!

    4.) Oh, geez, now, let me think . . . Never! Duh! No, I’m kidding. I’ve been told that I’m a basket case before, of course, many times! Let’s see . . . the last time, though? Oh, yeah! The last time I was called a basket case was by one of the . . . dead babies in my laundry basket!

    5.) It’s good. It’s full of bread. What else do you think a bread basket is for, stacking dead babies? Geez Louise! You use a bread basket for stacking bread and a laundry basket for stacking dead babies! Everybody knows that! Catch up!

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