Dirty secret

I dig the Bee Gees and have spent a greater part of the last two days jamming. Jamming I say. Jamming to the hit makers.
Last night I watched Compay Segundo on Ovation as well as a show on Afro/Cubano music. Enthrallling.
He was 90 years-old when it was filmed about five years ago and he was singing, dancing, playing the guitar and actually ran out onto the stage for the encore. Boy, to have that kind of energy at that age. Wow. If you haven’t had the chance to see the Buena Vista Social club from producer performer Ry Cooder, take some time to do that. Great music and gives some pause to what the world has missed out on during the Cuban embargo. There is much more to Cuba than cigars and Ricky Ricardo.
This weekend I installed Mozilla on my system and replaced it for the Opera internet browser. I cruised around and found some nifty add ons, like mouse gestures and it has made the internet surfing that has beocme my time wasting past time even more fun and interesting.
I tried messing around with some proxy servers and anonymizer software the make myself “invisible: while online,but it seemed a bit annoying so I uninstalled.
Recently I have re-discovered Chess. Over a year ago, I purchased a chess software program (Chessmaster 8000 from Milton Bradley) for the computer but never really gave much thought to it. But with my time available, I started to take advanage of its feature-rich options and am learning chess. Which is great fun. For Christmas, Sage bought me a shot-glass chess set and we played a few weeks back. She is fairly good and that experience motivated me to study up on the game and develop some strategies and planning philosophies to take my game up a notch or two. But if you have ever played shot glass chess you know that it isn’t really about strategy. It is about getting your opponent drunk, which often means playing give-away chess.
It is perhaps a better use of my time to learn chess than sitting around playing some brain-numbing video game. However, it is a game that indeed will take a lifetime to get the hang of, that is for sure.

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