Friday Fives

On Jeopardy, they call this category “Pot Pourri”:

1. What mistake have you made that the rest of us can learn from?
Never volunteer to go down into the mine shaft alone -trust me on this. I swore I would never speak of it again, but . . .

2. What was your high school’s biggest scandal?
As I recall (and I am certain I have most of the details wrong in my head so I can’t get into specifics), there was no real scandal per se. The school district was struggling due to the town’s boomtown conditions during the coal boom of the late 70’s, early 80’s and the traditional families were irate with all the changes. There was a student/parent uprising that ended up with the firing of a principal and a few teachers. After I graduated, there were all sorts of teacher scandals and principal scandals.

3. What’s the worst part about being your gender that the opposite sex might not even think about?
It is quite difficult to pee in a urinal while wearing flip flops and not get “spillage” on your toes.

4. What movies NEED to be watched twice to understand fully?
The Big Lebowski. It usually doesn’t take until about the third viewing to understand the very nuanced jokes.

5. What is absolutely never coming back in style again?
Hoop skirts.